Automated Feature Engineering

Feature engineering is one of the most important tools used to increase the performance of machine learning algorithms. In practice, it is one of the most effective ways of creating new input features to obtain the best possible results and to build better predictive models faster.

Stop wasting time creating presentations

One of the first articles I read earlier last year predicted that one of the biggest trends of the year would see a paradigm shift in data consolidation and automation. 1 year on and … thankfully the answer is a big fat “yes”.


Competitor Analysis

As we know in today’s modern digital world we have become accustomed to searching the World Wide Web quickly and easily. User-friendly results are listed and commonly optimized so they can be displayed on a variety of devices. The Web doesn’t just offer users and end-consumers new possibilities to extract information, retrieving information only a few decades ago involved a cumbersome and tedious exercise of flicking through books, catalogs and any other printed materials available. Nowadays, information is available at the press of a button.


Web-Based KPI Cockpit

Concept and Development of a Web-Based KPI Cockpit. Show data. But how? A web-based solution is particularly suitable for enabling access to KPI‘s and sensitive data for a specific range of diversified user groups.


Redshift Cloud

With Redshift, top dog in cloud technology Amazon Web Service (AWS) offers managed cloud data warehousing services at significantly cheaper costs and a higher level of flexibility in comparison to an onsite solution in your own data center. Besides, it is the ideal opportunity for companies to get acquainted with the cloud without having to relocate critical operational systems. managetopia has an experienced AWS certified solution architect to assist and support clients with the AWS Cloud.

Predictive Analytics

Everyone is talking about Big Data, Cloud and Data Science, as a result Data Scientists are in high demand. At managetopia it is no different, we have seen an increase in requests by clients to support Data Science projects. Clients have relied on SQL databases and Excel to perform basic analysis in the past, but today they are no longer satisfied. They need something more powerful.


Change Management

Our client is planning the worldwide launch of a new financial accounting system to adhere to the rising demands of transparency for state institutions. Phased rollouts will be carried out over an 18 to 24 month period.