Implementation of a Reporting System for the Monitoring of a Call Center


Global Financial Services Provider

Project Scope

The customer plans to implement a reporting system for measuring the fulfillment of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) after the launch of a new Information System and setup of a call center to process customer requests for a bank in Germany.

Project Goal and Objectives

Generate and implement customized reports for various SLAs (service quality, accessibility, operational efficiency) using the data stored in the ticket system database.

Requirements, Constraints and Framework

Prerequisite: continue using existing infrastructure and tools: consolidation of multiple data sources (Oracle, MySQL ticket database, PBX, Excel) using MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Possible Solutions

Based on the existing infrastructure and keeping costs to a minimum, the decision to use Microsoft applications (SQL Server, SSIS) was finalized and implemented.

Key Implementation Steps

  1. Define the requirements for the KPIs to be evaluated

  2. Feasibility and cost analysis using the information available

  3. Reporting requirements definition

  4. Implementation of data handling standards and generation of reports using SSIS

  5. Automated report generation and integration into the client’s archiving system

Resources Allocated

1 - 3:
Project Manager / Lead IT Analyst: 6 Weeks (50-100%)

4 - 5:
IT Analyst: 6 Weeks (100%)

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