Competitor Analysis


Proprietary Development - Online Shop

Project Scope

Development of a competitor intelligence tool to maximize revenue.

Project Goal and Objectives

Change the current manual website search process to a digitization procedure in order to generate automated data extraction and at the same time generate data analysis. An automated data extraction process needs to be developed for various products and competitor web shops and the results presented one after another in a structured report.

Requirements, Constraints and Framework

Rectify the problem of incorrect data entries und transmission errors. Linear processing time dependent on data volume. Elimination of impractical and time consuming repetition process. The linear increase in processing time commonly transpires into high costs even for medium sized data volumes.

Key Implementation Steps

  1. Specification of the required information
  2. Review manual web crawler process
  3. Web indexing (Create a Sitemap)
  4. Storing extracted data
  5. Data Parsers
  6. Data Consolidation
  7. Deployment of customized tool

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