Development of a Ticketing Process Workflow Model


Banking Industry

Project Scope

Development of a ticketing process workflow enabling agents to handle all their daily tasks. Tasks range from loan evaluation, saving account activation, mobile number changes and other standard requests.

Project Goal and Objectives

To integrate with the existing Core Banking System, ebanking and other key systems, such as DMS, Schufa, Schwacke, in order to enable bank agents conduct their daily duties, incl. loan evaluation and documentation all on a centralized platform.

Requirements, Constraints and Framework

Customize the business process management tool, upholding risk and meeting compliance requirements, thereby enabling bank agents manage their daily duties on a one-stop process platform.

Key Implementation Steps

  1. Understanding the end-to-end workflow of loan origination and the special compliance requirements to enable the process
  2. Understanding the features of the existing process platform and perform feasibility studies based on requirements
  3. Integrate with other key systems and exchange information via system Webservices/APIs
  4. Complete infrastructure and deploy software releases to different environments for SIT, UAT and production
  5. Data Migration from the old system to new application

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