Web-based KPI Dashboards



Ministry of Economy & Planning

Project Scope

Our client needs a centralized platform enabling the visualization of KPI and key relevant data on dashboards that could be made accessible to his senior management team.

Project Goal and Objectives

The concept of the client was based on using Tableau for data extraction and visualization using the dashboard, empowering internal users to access all the information.

Requirements, Constraints and Framework

A high acceptancy rate and support by the employees was based on the particularly high importance and significance of the restructuring measures taken interally.

Key Implementation Steps

  1. After studying the initial concept we started a dialogue with the decision makers and potential users of the dashboard

  2. Sign-off of a web-based model after further client discussions together with presentation of design mock-ups and relevant user stories

  3. Setup of a Agile scrum board and workflow with JIRA enabling the project owner, development team, in-house QA team and client to access the board and view the real-time status and progress of the development of the application at any given time. In addition, a test environment was set up for the client that made it possible to provide the customer with regular updates and collect feedback on the overall development status

  4. Testing phase with selected user groups and their feedback consolidated and added to the overall specification.

  5. Deployment

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