Automated Presentations

Financial Projections
Current Status
Business Performance
Data extraction is automatic and the output is visualized in the form of complex graphs and tables


Proprietary Development

Project Scope

Development and deployment of a Customized Forecasting Model.

Project Goal and Objectives

Import data from different sources. Export compiled clean data to multiple customized presentation slides and export financial results to predefined multiple reports. A speedy and simplified process where each step is performed at the click of a button.

Functionality of the Tool

A simplified dashboard with slick design displaying 3 buttons that imports, creates presentations and exports to predefined reports automatically. This reduces the time factor substantially normally needed to create a presentation. The simplicity and speed applies to the whole process from beginning to end.

It involves clicking ONE button on the dashboard and within minutes all the information and data needed for the presentation will be imported automatically. No more compiling, merging or converting is required.

Eliminating this tedious process of copying and pasting and fiddling with the design, more time can be allocated to the actual content and focus on the quality of the presentation. The result: the presentation is created with the click of one button and built in front of the audience’s eyes.

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