Stop wasting time creating presentations

Nowadays, the sheer amount of information accessible let alone getting to grips with the maintenance of an abundance of systems or portals is mind-blowing. With a proliferation of indispensable data sources and handling of multiple data formats, data consolidation has transpired into being a cumbersome and time-consuming exercise.

One of the first articles published earlier last year predicted that one of the biggest trends would see a paradigm shift in data consolidation and automation. 1 year on and … thankfully the answer is a big fat “yes”.

Reflecting on all the projects deployed last year certainly the vast majority encompassed data consolidation and export automation to some degree. Today, generating reports at the press of button is common knowledge. Depending on one’s needs reporting tools come in all shapes and sizes and with different price tags. Great, but what about doing the same with presentations?

Who hasn’t dreamt of creating a presentation at the click of a button?


Well certainly I have. I have prepared countless numbers of presentations over the years. The vast majority using most of the same slides with a few tweaks here and there; illustrating the latest financials and forecasts, or portraying client specific information. A tedious and time-consuming exercise, inevitably involving a “calm, cool, and collected” methodical approach.

Typical time-consuming key obstacles have involved:

  1. Generating different reports from different Sources
  2. Unravelling countless spreadsheets
  3. Painstakingly converting the information extracted into different other formats
  4. Compiling all information into a single file
  5. Quality control of the aggregated data (typical garbage-in garbage-out scenario)
  6. Create graphs and charts to illustrate the latest financial figures
  7. Usually now is when the “Copy & Paste” fun starts…

My approach in the past has always resulted in long days at the office and an overdose in caffeine, so when my colleague was briefed on a recent project, my chair went into automatic gear and I instantaneously rolled across the office.

The Project Goal was clear and the concept and deliverables were simple:

  1. Import data from different sources … at the click of a button
  2. Export compiled clean data to a presentation … at the click of a button
  3. Export financial results into predefined multiple reports…yes, you guessed it…at the click of a button

I practically took up permanent residence at the far end of the office during the beta testing phase. Standing with my arms folded looking on left me speechless. I was amazed at the simplicity and speed achieved for the whole process from beginning to end. A simplified dashboard with slick design displaying 3 buttons that Import, Create and Export in minutes.

Preparation time … what preparation time?

It involves clicking a button in the dashboard and within minutes all the information and data needed for the presentation will be imported automatically. No more compiling, merging or converting is required. For me personally with the elimination of fiddling with the design and copying and pasting I can turn my attention to the actual content and focus on the quality of the presentation. After all isn’t that the whole purpose of the presentation?

The actually presentation can be built in front of your audience’s eyes. Imagine starting your presentation with your arms folded with thrilling visual effects like this:

Apart from the obvious ...

Eliminating endless overtime in the office and less intake in caffeine surely something as dynamic as an automated presentation will undoubtedly leave your audience fully engaged and sitting up straight in their chairs rather than fiddling with their mobiles?

At the end of the presentation there is always the need to distribute a copy or extract reports illustrating the latest financials presented to your peers or potential clients. Again, you’re only a click away.

Of course technology won’t sit still and in this big data era it is only a matter of time when new system releases are scheduled or new developments are inevitable. Coincidentally as our businesses continue to grow and new partnerships emerge upgrades will play a vital role.

A “One Size Fits All” or premium package solution can ultimately lead to focusing on a specific element, it could be just the design or the import and consolidation functionality of multiple complex systems, instead of a fully-fledged solution tailored to meet all your specific needs.

Long-term viability is a key denominator and a precise conceptualized “A to Z” solution is our hallmark and competitive edge with proven track record. A customized solution generally triggers budget alarm bells … you will be very surprised.

5 Significant benefits why you should choose a tailored solution:

  1. Efficient and low cost solution
  2. Long-term viability
  3. More valuable time spent on the quality of the presentation
  4. Plug and Play: integration of complex 3rd party systems
  5. Less experienced staff have the opportunity to hold presentations

In today’s technology-driven environment automation is a must, so what are you waiting for?

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