Strategic Workforce Planning

Mining Industry Manpower Overview
Manpower Supply
FTE Cost Reduction


Mining industry

Project Scope

Development of a strategic workforce planning tool.

Project Goal and Objectives

Provide client with overview of actual project staffing status. Manpower project allocation is ascertained using a criticality index over time on aggregated project and employee levels in order to proactively take action to offset any potential risks.

Requirements, Constraints and Framework

Based on the client’s requirements, Microsoft Office development was selected. Concept and development utilizing a Microsoft Excel and Access hybrid solution. Prerequisite: simplified data import functionality and consolidation of personnel raw data in Microsoft Access. Development of a list based control dashboard to display interactive graphs in Microsoft Excel with the ability to export an array of predefined reports.

Key Implementation Steps

  1. Supply analysis: analyze the workforce supply – size, skills and capabilities
  2. Demand analysis: evaluate the project and skillset requirements
  3. Gap analysis: identify the gaps between the supply and demand
  4. Development: create metrics for resource planning and alignment with project goals
  5. Evaluate: utilize the metrics to calculate project workforce costs
  6. Design and implement predefined reports

Resources Allocated

IT Analyst: 5 Weeks (100%)
  • Concept and project coordination: 1 week
  • Development and implementation: 3 weeks
  • Quality management: 1 week

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